EcoCharge G3 Modular Charger

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Introducing the next generation of EcoCharge G3. Our most popular (and versatile) commercial charger has been reinvented.

The EcoCharge G3 has an industry-leading peak efficiency of 97.6%. The high-efficiency power modules deliver a massive 100A each, with the capacity for up to 6 modules. The 6 module charger can deliver up to 600A and the 3 module charger can deliver up to 300A.

Using 3 module types the EcoCharge can meet your requirements for all three-phase supplies; the MP42 for 200 and 240VZC, MP44 for 380 to 480VAC and MP46 for 480 to 600VAC.

All three module types can charge batteries from 24V to 96V and all modules can charge flooded lead acid, sealed lead acid, lithium-ion and nickel-cadmium battery types.

Supporting WI-FI, Bluetooth, CAN (optional), Ethernet and USB for unprecedented levels of configuration, monitoring, diagnostics and data mining.

A 10% reduction in footprint, coupled with a 66% increase in power compared to previous models, makes the EcoCharge a global champion of power density.

These new chargers replace the EcoCharge FS3 Modular Charger. Only available in three-phase.

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