EcoCharge 970-4401 3Ph Battery Charger

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This modular charger comes fitted with a single MP44 module, a single DC output (350A Anderson connection), a 3m AC lead and built-in brackets for wall mounting.

Note that the AC lead will require fitment of your desired AC plug which is not included.

The ECO970 battery charger suits a wide variety of industrial charging applications including forklifts, materials handling equipment, ground support and automated vehicles.

The cabinet can hold up to a maximum of 3 modules to increase charging capacity; additional modules can be purchased separately.

The ECO970 is a versatile charger, with charging profiles to suit multi-voltage 24V-96V and battery technologies flooded lead acid and sealed lead acid (GEL).

When used in conjunction with an EcoCharge Battery Management Module, the ECO970 is capable of charging various battery types and sizes automatically, without operator input.

Can be configured to a fixed profile (the charger expects a single type of battery), auto-voltage (the charger automatically selects the profile based on the battery connected)  or BMM enabled (the charger receives it’s configuration from the BMM if used).

If you require a single-phase charger, check out the EcoCharge FS3-512 1Ph Battery Charger

EcoCharge is proudly made in New Zealand.

Maximum Output Current (1 module):
24/36V = 100A
48V = 85A
72/80V = 50A
96V = 42.5A

EcoCharge ECO970 Brochure

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Weight 12 kg
Dimensions Length: 314 mm
Width: 363 mm
Height: 282mm

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