We offer a large range of automotive, starting & deep cycle batteries. Speak to one of our team, who can advise you on the RIGHT battery for your application.

We have batteries for cars, boats, motorbikes, golf carts, heavy transport, machinery, equipment, kontikis, UPS, electric fences – and much, much more!

Why choose us?

At DCPower, knowledge is power – we’ll ensure you have the right battery for the job…and at a good price too! Our products are top quality and we know what we’re doing.

FREE Automotive Battery Testing

Our trained technicians use the latest testing technology to conduct comprehensive automotive battery testing. Our FREE test takes around 5 minutes, and no appointment is necessary!
** Note that accurately testing deep cycle batteries is more time consuming and may incur a charge. Contact us for more info.

Battery Fitment

A limited battery fitment service is available in store, at an additional cost. Be aware that some batteries and accessories can be hard (and therefore time consuming) to fit. Bookings may be required. Please contact us for more information.
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