We know batteries! Our specialist knowledge of batteries and battery charging, coupled with our passion for quality means that your RV or motorhome is in good hands.

Oh, hey there Camper! Are you struggling with the reliability of your current power system?

If you need to replace your RV batteries, or you need some cables repaired. Or perhaps you are looking to overhaul your existing system, or get a brand-new system designed and installed… in any case, our team at DCPower can help.

We have expertise in Direct Current (DC) systems including both 12V & 24V for RVs. A “DC” system is one that is run by battery power, regardless of your charging method.

By nature, our experience is broad and varied – but we stick to what we know which is a good, reliable battery-based system. We get the fundamentals right; we take pride in ensuring that it looks good, and we place emphasis on safe and tidy cable work.

We talk about “RVs” a lot; but a recreational vehicle to us includes caravans, trailers, horse floats, mobile tiny houses – you name it.

Yip…we solve a lot of problems, but sadly we are not “free problem solvers” for campers who have purchased elsewhere or run in to trouble with DIY. We have the experience to help, and we’re happy to do so, but please understand that we are running a business therefore our knowledge does come at a cost.

The road to happy camping starts with our signature “RV health check”.

This has a flat fee of $175* including GST and gives you approximately 2 hours of time with one of our experienced RV technicians. To do this, you’ll need to bring your RV to our workshop in Palmerston North.

In the first instance we’ll look over your vehicle’s existing DC system to establish what is working, what isn’t, and what could be done better. This takes approximately 90 minutes during which time you can’t be inside the vehicle or workshop for safety reasons! We do have a comfy couch, free WIFI and some good reading material in store to keep you occupied.

Next, we’ll sit down with you one-on-one to discuss our findings; particularly in the context of how you would like to use your RV. Not everyone is the same! This discussion culminates in reasoned explanations for any recommendations that we might make and a verbal estimate of cost.

Remember, our findings and opinion will be a snapshot in time. Batteries degrade, electronics fail and technology changes!

* Price may be subject to change without notice.

To book your health check, fill in the Contact Form on this page and one of our team will be in touch. Note that we often have a waiting list so we recommend you book in advance! Particularly those campers travelling through Palmerston North.

I already have a system; do I still need this health check?

The answer is yes. We understand you may have an existing set up; however, we aren’t prepared to place our trust or reputation on those who have walked before us. We see poor and failing systems every day and we won’t attach the DCPower name to that. If you choose to work with DCPower, we guarantee to be thorough and correct.

I know what I want…so do I really need to bring my vehicle in?

Yes, you do. And really, it’s a small price to pay if you want to be a happy camper with a reliable power system. We need to see the vehicle in order to guarantee we are giving out accurate advice. Our workshop is also well equipped with the right gear and safety equipment for us to do so.

Here’s what Adrienne had to say about her experience with us:

“Fantastic service, very helpful and friendly. Looking forward to using the float with the awesome upgrade. I wish all businesses worked like this!”

Contact us about your RV or motorhome here:

    Yes I would like to book in a health check

    Here’s an article that was published in the NZMCA magazine…

    Got a problem with your solar system? Wish you could stay away a bit longer? You wouldn’t be the first. When it comes to solar for deep cycle batteries, DCPower, a family business in Palmerston North have become regular problem solvers for the many who have tried (and failed) to make solar work. In addition to inconvenience and frustration, inferior solar systems result in unnecessary battery replacements – so it makes economic sense to get it right from the outset.

    Many systems fail over time. Flaws aren’t always evident immediately (or easily attributed to solar) because for a period of time a battery will appear to be performing just fine…and then one day it won’t. Often this is incorrectly diagnosed as battery failure” says DCPower’s Managing Director, Darryl Crow. “Solar is simply a charging method for your battery and the key to successful self-sufficiency is in making sure that your battery is charged correctly. If it’s not then of course it will fail.

    The most common issues facing those with failing solar systems, are that their systems are incorrectly sized to suit their battery (or batteries). Batteries have different charging requirements depending on factors such as chemistry, capacity and expected depth of discharge. Your system should be tailored to suit your particular set up, and if you don’t get this right then over time your battery will suffer from either under or over-charging. These symptoms often go undiagnosed until it is too late resulting in costly battery replacements which still don’t fix the root cause of the problem.

    DCPower offer turnkey solar solutions for recreational vehicles, upon which they have built a reputation for quality equipment and installation. Winners of the Supreme Business of the Year award at the 2016 Westpac Manawatu Business Awards, DCPower can design, install and repair solar systems from their large workshop in the heart of Palmerston North.

    We pride ourselves on our superior knowledge and honest advice. We treat each vehicle carefully as though it were our own, and I personally guarantee top-quality workmanship” says Darryl.