Our labour is charged in 15-minute increments at the following rates.

For off-site work, these rates apply from the time we leave our workshop until the time we return. You will also be charged for any time spent behind the scenes sourcing parts, preparing for the job and (in some cases) cleaning up when we get back.

We do endeavour to stock the most common parts and consumables in our trade vehicles, however on the off chance that our technician is required to leave site to source additional parts you will be charged for time this also.

Labour fee Rate (+ GST) Inclusive
RV Technician $85.00/ hour $97.75/ hour
Motive Power Technician $107.00/ hour $123.05/ hour
Battery Engineer/Consultancy $245.00/ hour $281.75/ hour


Our urgent attendance at any event such as a breakdown or dropped motive power battery will incur a specific fee. This fee covers the urgent prioritisation of your call out, securing the site (where necessary) and the first hour of labour which includes the time taken to travel to and from location.

Time taken in excess of the first hour is charged at our normal hourly labour rates.

You will also be charged for any parts, consumables or mileage as applicable.

Callout fee Rate (+ GST) Inclusive
Dropped battery (inc. site clearance) $380.00 $437.00
Breakdown and/or urgent service $220.00 $253.00


Mileage is billed in addition to all other costs. The amount will vary depending on your location and distance from our workshop. If we are required to make multiple trips to site, then you will be charged for each trip. You will also be charged labour for the time it takes for our technician to get and from your site.

Travel fee Rate (+ GST) Inclusive
Up to a 10km round trip from DCPower (flat fee) $25.00 $28.75
10-20km round trip from DCPower (flat fee) $35.00 $40.25
Cost per km (in addition to the 10-20km fee above) $1.50/km $1.73/km


You will be charged for any consumables and sundries used. This includes things such as the use of our equipment, lanolin and other consumables, solvents and any other low-cost materials.

Fixed-price vs charge-up

We offer a mix of both fixed-price and charge-up services.

If we provide a total ‘fixed price’ to do a job, then your invoice will only show a high-level overview of the job along with the agreed price. Please note that any fixed-price services are also subject to travel charges unless otherwise specified.

Invoices for ‘charge-up’ work will be provided upon completion and will include an itemised bill of materials, labour and travel.


Our estimates provide a reasonably accurate idea of what we think a job will cost based on our skills and experience. Estimates are often a combination of fixed (parts) and variable pricing (labour) so the final price may be slightly more or less. Should we find that the final price is tracking to exceed our estimate by more than 5%, we will cease work until we have had a conversation with you.

Estimates will not be itemised as to do so is to give away our intellectual property by way of design.

Special orders

It is our policy that any special orders require full payment up front. Special orders are non-refundable, although we will honour our obligations if a special order is found to be faulty.


All invoices are subject to our standard Terms of Credit. When invoicing we do our best to be both reasonable and transparent. We consider the time spent on the job, and that any parts used were necessary for the job. If you believe you have been overcharged or if you are unhappy with our service, then please let us know as soon as possible.


All in-store and telephone payments made by credit card or paywave are subject to a 2% surcharge for the purpose of covering the third-party fees that we face for the convenience of accepting these payment methods. Surcharges are not incurred on website purchases.


All prices are subject to change without notice.