People naturally assume that forklifts and batteries go hand in hand; but this is not so! Treating your forklift battery as a separate asset is proven to maximise your fuel efficiency and minimise your downtime.

Our motive power product range is used for Material Handling Equipment such as forklift trucks, pallet trucks, aerial work platforms, automated guided vehicles and cleaning machines.

DCPower has a strong passion for Motive Power batteries, which are used in materials handling equipment such as forklifts.

Forklift batteries are an investment, and as such our approach is to maximise your return.


Unlike our competition, we aren’t tied to a single brand. We prefer it this way, because it enables us to give you honest, independent advice about what’s best for your business.

We have access to all the top brands, however our most popular is a brand called Sunlight from Europe. Sunlight use 99.9% pure lead when manufacturing their cells, and their product has gained international recognition for superior performance and reliability in a wide range of critical applications.

Our battery solutions cover all the top forklift brands, including Toyota, Crown, Nissan, Hyster, Raymond, Linde, Kalmar, TCM, Komatsu, Hyundai and more!

DCPower Batteries is proud to offer the latest lithium technology, unlike anything else on the market today. LiOn Force (using LiFePO4 technology) is a modular design, fully serviceable by DCPower. This new range has remote monitoring by way of GLocal and it has remote programming features. It’s definitely an industry leader, and very valuable in our isolated market.


We have a wide range of modular commercial chargers to suit all commercial applications. Using the right charger will save you money and prolong the life of your batteries. Our team can help you choose the most efficient and effective charger to meet your company’s needs.


If you need accessories for your battery/charger fleet – we can help with that too! We have automatic watering kits, battery management modules, plugs and so much more. Contact us if there’s something in particular you need.

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Our motive power services also include:

Maintenance & Watering

If you want the most efficient return on your battery investment, then correct maintenance procedures are critical. Whether you want a Scheduled Service Plan or one-off maintenance, our mobile Battery Technicians do the lot. Not sure what you need? Contact us for qualified, independent advice.


At your place or ours. We offer a range of training courses, which we can tailor to your specific requirements. Whether your concern is maintenance best practice, battery health & safety or battery handling – we’ll work with you to ensure your staff are safe and knowledgeable when it comes to batteries.

Fleet Evaluations

Motive Power batteries are an investment – no question. We know how important it is to budget and prepare for replacements. With our knowledge and experience, we can assist in the planning and preparation of these replacements, by evaluating the current performance of your fleet and predicting reliable end-of-life expectancies.

Repairs and Refurbishments

Repairs and refurbishments can offer extended battery life, prevention of damage to MHE and improved safety! Our mobile technicians can usually take care of this on-site, with more comprehensive repairs taking place in our fully equipped workshop in Palmerston North.

It can be difficult to determine whether or not a repair is economically viable; however the most important considerations are age, cycle life and service history. This information, combined with our knowledge & experience, can help to determine the best course of action for your business.

Testing & Diagnostics

Suspect a problem with your forklift battery? Our mobile Battery Technicians are knowledgable and equipped with the all the latest technology required to provide accurate testing and diagnostic services.


We have a range of motive power batteries available for long term rental. This can be a great way to alleviate the cash-flow difficulties of purchasing new.

Please note that (at this stage) we are not offering short term rental batteries.


Did you know that most motive power batteries are classified as Dangerous Goods and therefore have special transport requirements for both safety and licensing? If you are looking to relocate your batteries – for whatever reason – let us take care of the worry associated with doing it right! After all, batteries are what we do.

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