EcoCharge 970-4402 3Ph Battery Charger

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The ECO970-4402 modular charger comes fitted with two MP44 modules, a single DC output (350A Anderson connection) and built-in brackets for wall mounting. 

Note that the 3m AC input cable will require fitment of your desired AC plug which is not included. 

The ECO970 battery charger suits a wide variety of industrial charging applications including forklifts, materials handling equipment, ground support and automated vehicles.

The cabinet can hold up to a maximum of 3 modules to increase charging capacity; additional modules may be purchased separately. 

ECO970 is a versatile charger, with charging profiles to suit multi-voltage 24V to 96V and battery technologies flooded lead acid, sealed lead acid, lithium-ion, and nickel-cadmium. 

When used in conjunction with an EcoCharge BMM, the ECO970 is capable of charging various battery types and sizes automatically, without operator input. 

If you require a single-phase charger, check out the EcoCharge ECOFS3. 

EcoCharge is proudly made in New Zealand. 

ECO970 capabilities at a glance: 

  Maximum Output Current (A) 
  24/36V  48V  72/80V  96V  
ECO970-4401: (1 module)  100  85  50  42.5 
ECO970-4402: (2 modules)  200  170  100  85 
ECO970-4403: (3 modules)  300  255  150  127.5 


EcoCharge ECO970 Brochure
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Weight 14 kg
Dimensions Length: 314 mm
Width: 363 mm
Height: 282mm

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