Basic RV Power System

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A  basic RV or portable power kit offering 1.26kWh, and using quality equipment:

1 x 175W Solar Panel
1 x 105Ah AGM Battery
1 x 15A MPPT Solar Controller
Optional sundry components including brackets, wire, cables etc.

Please note that while we talk about a “kit”, there is no such thing as one size fits all. Anyone that tries to tell you otherwise is setting you up for failure! Every single system is different. For this reason, our kits are handled in one of three ways:

Option 1 – Full DIY
This option is sold on the basis that you have sound knowledge, and you know what you want. You give us your shopping list and we’ll price it up accordingly.

Option 2 – DIY with concept design
If you prefer to self-install but don’t know exactly what you need then we can figure it out for you. However please be aware that there are costs associated for our knowledge to correctly design the system on your behalf. We can’t just provide an instant quote for this as we need to understand your existing set up and your desired outcome. This option does not include technical support for installation.

Option 3 – Full Design & Installation
This is where we do the lot. We’ll assess your current set up (if you have one) and determine exactly what you need. Using this option you are guaranteed a quality system that will go the distance. This process starts with an inspection, find out more here.

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