EcoCharge FS1 Modular Charger

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The ideal low profile, compact charging option for batteries up to 375Ah.

The FS1 packs a big punch for a small commercial charger. This model suits wall or bench mounted applications, and is able to charge batteries up to 375Ah capacity from a standard 15A single phase AC wall socket.

The EcoCHARGE XHF series of chargers are amongst the world’s most efficient industrial battery chargers.  XHF charger modules use eXtra High Frequency (XHF) switching at up to 250kHz. This allows transformers and other filtering components to be much smaller and more efficient. Another advantage of high frequency is that the microprocessor control circuitry can regulate the output with higher precision. It provides tighter control of charge voltages and a reduction in ripple currents; saving up to 20% on the cost of charging your batteries when compared to older technology.

With advanced microprocessor control, built in intelligence and auto configuration options, the EcoCHARGE modular chargers are extremely versatile.

Designed and manufactured in New Zealand.

Pair this charger with a bluetooth Battery Monitoring Module (BMM) on your battery, for the very best in battery charging and care.

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