HULK Battery Charger 3.8Amp, 7 Stage (12/24V)


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12V, 3.8Amp, 7 Stage Battery Charger

HULK Professional Series Battery Chargers are the newest and amongst the most powerful and reliable battery chargers on the market today. They are MCU controlled which enables faster and safer charging than traditional battery chargers.

All-Purpose Battery Charger features for Lead-Acid, GEL, EFB, AGM, Calcium and Lithium

  • Switchmode Battery Charger 12 Volt 3.8Amp
  • 7 stage, fully automatic charge and maintain with no risk of overheating
  • Maintains all battery sizes from 1.2 to 120Ah
  • Charges 12V lithium and lead-acid batteries
  • Memory function (returns to last selected mode when switched on)
  • Rescues drained batteries over 3.0V
  • Constant current charging, memory function, spark-proof, fully protected against short circuit and reverse polarity protected
  • Supplied with interchangeable battery clamps and eyelet terminals that are direct plug-in into the charger lead

Ideal battery charger for motor vehicles, SUV, golf carts, boats, ATV, tractors, RV, trucks etc.

2-year warranty

Hulk Battery Charger Brochure

Additional information

Dimensions Length: 189 mm
Width: 63 mm
Height: 49mm

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