DCPower MF80D26L

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A maintenance-free NS70L, common in small trucks, vans and SUV’s. Sometimes called an MF90D26L or 50ZZL.

This battery is a top quality battery with technical specifications that exceed the stringent requirements of DCPower.

Build quality and reliability is the key with starting batteries and you won’t get better than this!

Replaces: NS70L, N50ZZL, N50ZZLMF, MF50ZZL, N50ZZL, NS70XL, NX110-5LMF, S80D26L, N53

Volts: 12
CCA: 600
RC: 125min
Length: 257mm
Width: 172mm
Overall height: 220mm
Terminal type: SA
Terminal layout: C
Hold down ledge: NL
Weight: 12.5kg
Warranty: 24mths

Charger/s to use with this battery:

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