ABX AX31-800


ABX AGM 12 Volt 90Ah battery for many applications. The problem solver with over 1000CCA.

This battery is engineered for the extreme power demands of today’s users. The ABX is a true AGM (Absorbed Glass Matt or “Dry Cell” as they are commonly called) battery delivering more power and longer useful life compared to a conventional wet battery – it only needs to be charged to 14.5V instead of 16V.

Volts: 12
CCA: 800 (rated)
CCA: 1000 (tested)
RC: 180min
AH: 90
Length: 330mm
Width: 172mm
Overall height: 230mm
Terminal type: SA or MT
Terminal layout: H
Hold down ledge: NL
Weight: 27kg
Warranty: 24mths

Charger/s to use with this battery:

ABX AGM datasheet

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